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Dow Dividend Strategy

Beating the Dow by O'Higgins and Downes, paperback
The basic reference for the five lowest priced of the ten highest yielding Dow stocks strategy. The book also provides background on the companies in the Dow, some of the history of the Dow, and discusses some alternative strategies.

The Motley Fool Investment Guide by David and Tom Gardner, paperback
Discusses their variant of the Dow strategy and a lot more. The book is recommended for the authors' independent and irreverent approach to investing.

The Dividend Investor by Knowles and Petty, paperback reprint
This book is of interest primarily to researchers because it has data going back to 1957, which is 15 years earlier than the two books above. I have seen the 1992 printing of the paperback edition in larger bookstores, such as Borders and Barnes and Noble, for $12.00, so you may want to look for it before ordering it here.

Some of my favorites

Market Wizards by Schwager, paperback
The New Market Wizards by Schwager, paperback
There are several books that interview successful traders and investors in order to gain insights into how to think about trading and investing. I think Schwager's are the best. These two books are similar and most investors will probably need to read only one of them, but may want to read both. While the books concentrate mainly on futures traders, the insights to be gained apply to all investors, no matter where they put their money. One example from the first book: Marty Schwartz expresses the sentiment to heck with my ego, making money is more important. In my experience, most of the mistakes investors make, such as refusing to take a loss hoping to get out even, result from putting ego ahead of investment sense. The second book has an interview with Gil Blake, who devised a clever method for making enormous profits from short trades in the Fidelity Select funds. The method no longer works since Fidelity now imposes a penalty for short-term trading of these funds.

One up on Wall Street by Lynch, paperback
Beating the Street by Lynch, paperback
Peter Lynch is the legendary former manager of the Fidelity Magellan fund. These common sense books explain how individuals can use the advantages they have over the large institutions to pick stocks. Either book will convey the essence of his approach, but you may want to read both.

The Intelligent Investor by Graham, paperback
This is a classic by Benjamin Graham, who co-authored the seminal reference on value investing. The first edition of this book appeared in 1950, and a fourth, revised edition came out in 1973, three years before he died. This book, which is aimed at individuals rather than professional money managers, clearly explains Graham's concepts and approaches. Warren Buffett, who was a student of Graham and is today's wealthiest investor, and financial writer Jason Zweig have added material to this 2003 revised edition.

The Battle for Investment Survival by Loeb, paperback
Another classic that is chock full of good investing sense. Since the material was written between 1935 and 1965, some it is dated ("What Women Should Know About Stocks"), but the basic principles still apply. One concept that Gerald Loeb is known for is "the ever-liquid account."

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