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Dr. Pankin manages client accounts, using the business name MDP Associates LLC, in "programs" that invest in mutual funds. Some of the mutual fund trading programs are "aggressive" in that they strive for above market returns and may have greater than market risks. However, various risk reduction tactics are employed to manage the risks and try to keep them to a level that justifies the potential rewards that the strategies are capable of producing. A program that started in Decmeber 2001 to trade the Rydex Sector funds called STAR (Sector Trading Adverse to Risk) emphasizes risk reduction, but also has an objective of acheiving returns at least that equal or exceed those of the S&P 500 index. He uses well researched, mechanical trading systems that enable the discipline necesssary for successful investing. In late 2004, I began to offer a more aggressive option for trading these funds. Due to the frequent trading, Rydex sector funds belong in retirement accounts such as regular and Roth IRAs.

A managed account service called Tactical Asset Allocation that started in 2004 takes a broader view and is suitable for the entire portfolio, especially for retirement plan accounts such as 401(k) plans and the various types of IRAs. Perhaps the most outstanding feature of this service is that it has been designed to protect account assets during long-term, sometimes called secular, bear markets. The methods have been validated by seeing how they would have worked during the last full one in the 1966-81 period. Another one began in early 2000 as evidenced by the stock market plunges in 2001-02 and 2008.

There can be no assurances that the programs described will be profitable or produce any specific rate of return in the future. These programs may lose money for those who invest in them. Past performance, either real-time or hypothetical, is no guarantee of future results.

  • Total Portfolio Management: Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) and Rydex Sectors sections are being revised. Managed account programs are described briefly in ADV Part II Brochure, which is available from the disclosure link below.

  • Fidelity Selects Switching Program

  • Investment Philosophy discusses my thinking about how much of your your portfolio should be in stocks, why market timing/risk control is essential, and the benefits to having your accounts professionally managed.

  • Disclosure, Other Documents: ADV Part II Brochure, Client Agreement, Client Profile, Privacy Policy

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