Bull Run Park

Bull Run Park is located about 25 miles west of Washington near Manassas, Virginia along the creek where the first major Civil War battle was fought. That battle is also called Manassas after the nearby town (it is now a highly suburbanized area), and some of the battle sites have been preserved in a National Historical Park a few miles away.

Bull Run Park is a regional park with typical picnic and other facilities. One of its attractions is an area of forested bottom lands along several creeks that flow through the park. These conditions are ideal for Virginia blue bells, and this park may have more of them than anywhere else. In mid-April they are in full bloom and carpet the forests near the creeks. Another flower, the "spring beauty" also thrives in these areas and blooms at the same time. The results are vast areas of alternating white (spring beauty) and blue/purple (blue bell) seas of color. The pictures provide a flavor of the scene, but you really have to see it with your own eyes to appreciate this annual event.

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