Hains Point/East Potomac Park

East Potomac Park is built on landfill between the Potomac River and the Washington Channel that connects to the Tidal Basin. The park features many of Washington's famous cherry trees, a public golf course and a minature golf course. On weekend afternoons in the late spring and summer, cars are not allowed to enter the loop road around the park. By that time on nice days all the parking spots are taken by those who are picnicing and otherwise partying. Many bicyclists take advantage of the lack of car traffic for a scenic ride while taking in the atmosphere.

The most dramatic feature of the park used to be a much larger than life five-piece sculpture called "The Awakening." It was not owned by the park, but was on loan. The sculpture was sold to the developer of National Harbor, "a glitzy convention center complex" according to a Washington Post article (2/17/08) located just south of the District of Columbia in Prince Georges County, Maryland. In February 2008, it was moved there. The picture below, taken in March 2002, shows it at Hains Point. It depicts a man seemingly arising from out of the ground as he stretches upon awakening. Tourists loved to pose for pictures by climbing on the various body parts. Click here to see it in its current location.

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