MDP Associates has been in the investment advisory business since 1994. It is essentially a one-person operation, Dr. Mark D. Pankin, but there is a fully licensed and registered non-employee backup associate who has been completely trained in the investment methods and is quite capable of taking the needed actions when Dr. Pankin is unavailable to do so due to travel or other reasons.

How you benefit from working with MDP Associates

  1. Dr. Pankin is an experienced and talented analyst with a deep understanding of financial markets:
  2. Extensive experience working with others in many settings--classroom, industrial, government, individual investors, investment groups--to educate and to develop and implement solutions to meaningful problems.
  3. Independent. He is not influenced by brokers, mutual fund companies, or anyone else in the Wall Street establishment. You get his own thinking and research, the same ideas he applies to his own investments.
  4. Compensation only from clients. That means no commissions based on transactions he places or recommends and no fees of any sort from the brokers, mutual fund and insurance companies that provide the investments in the 401(k) and other retirement plans. His incentive is keeping you, not the Fidelitys, Vanguards and Principals of the world, happy. In other words, your interests are also his interests.

If you would like to talk about your financial situation and goals or would like to get more information such as the goverment required disclosure document, please send an e-mail to "retire -ATsign-" or call (703) 524-0937 during normal business hours (Eastern time).

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