Mark Pankin Investing Page

Stock Market Perspectives - This section is a regular feature of the quarterly client newsletters, and their primary purpose is educational rather than predictive. Here are the ones since the last quarter of 2003.

Wall Street Gibberish - Lots of what you read and hear sounds great, but really doesn't make much sense. Here are some examples.

Interim Newsletters - Short and unfancy ones between the regular quarterly newsletters.

Arlington Library Stock Talks - Arlington, Virginia Public Library used to have a weekly Stock Talk series. I gave several talks there while it was going. The slides and some notes for most of those presentations are available for downloading.

Fidelity Selects Switching Program

Dow Dividend Strategy - simple strategies that buy stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average based on price and dividend yield. These strategies have averaged considerably better than the market for a long time. My research investigates alternatives to the basic strategy, which has received a lot of publicity in the last few years. Some of the alternatives do even better.

Books - you can buy the books referenced in the Dow Dividend Strategy and some others from Books.


The Optimal Retirement Planner - goes beyond the standard planning programs by finding the best way to save for retirement and then make withdrawals in order to maximize the amount available for spending throughout retirement.

Professor William Sharpe - the Nobel Laureate, Stanford professor emeritus, and inventor of what has come to be known as the Sharpe Ratio. His web site has some his writings on various aspects of investing. Some of it is mathematical and academically oriented, but much of it is readable and reveals his somewhat unconvential views of investing and its associated risks.

Investors FastTrack
This is an outstanding program for technical analysis of mutual funds and stocks. The quality of the database, which goes back to September 1988, is excellent, and there are several "add-on" programs by independent developers that use the database and add features to FastTrack. The following links are related to FastTrack:

Investors FastTrack - download the program and database and get a 30 day free trial! The site also has information about the add-on programs.